Retail Dropship Service 

At GIE, we have the know-how and experience delivering an efficient drop shipping service to our online retail customers. Through years of experience, we have developed an easy stream-line drop shipping service that can allow you to trust in the products you are selling online. 

What is drop-shipping? 

Drop shipping is an efficient method of selling online that allows you to display a wide range of products on your website without having to hold any stock. The only thing you need to do is simply add the product images and information that we provide to your website.  Once you receive the orders you let us to the rest. We will process the order, pick and pack the product and ship it direct to your customer using one of our trusted courier servers. 

How can drop shipping improve your business? 

The modern method of selling using drop shipping allows you to offer an efficient retail service without the hassle of storage space or have a negative impact on cash flow with unnecessary stock. GIE has grown to become a leading furniture wholesale drop shipping supplier. We take the hassle out of e-commerce by providing all the information needed, maintaining live accurate stock and taking care of the delivery direct to your customers door. With this efficient service you can open your business to a vast number of customers across Ireland and the UK without the extra costs of premises and staff. GIE can take away the time and cost of deliveries, allowing you to focus on growing your own business. 







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